5 Teambuilding tips from the sports world

- 27/12/2021 -

Teams in which employees are well attuned to each other are extremely important for achieving the company's set goals. Does your team need a boost?... Read more

5 Teambuilding tips from the sports world

Teams in which employees are well attuned to each other are extremely important for achieving the company’s set goals. Does your team need a boost? Then these tips from the world of sports may come in handy.

During a team-building weekend it is often important – just as during a normal working day – to be able to work well together with your colleagues. Also in team sports, such as football or basketball, good cooperation is extremely important. With these tips from the sports world, you will automatically have a team of winners!

1. Find a common enemy

When you have a common enemy, you will undoubtedly achieve much more as a team. Competition makes people alert and ensures that employees go the extra mile. It could be, for example, that those colleagues on the other floor have achieved the targets faster than your team, in which case you will try extra hard to catch up with them.

Competition is not only good within a company, but also seeing another company as a competitor makes people work harder overall. Because who doesn’t want to be the best or the biggest in a certain sector?

2. Celebrate victories

Just like in sports, being a champion is an incredible feeling. Not only is there (usually) a cup, but also a huge party with your team players. In business too, it is advisable to celebrate ‘victories’.

Getting a pat on the back and receiving compliments from your colleagues and boss for doing such a good job can be extremely gratifying and creates a kind of fraternity on the shop floor.

3. Allow others success

If others are doing better than you, do not begrudge them their success. Be genuinely happy when a colleague is promoted; it is the only way to get the best out of yourself. In football, solo players are not appreciated either.

If you have to give your colleague a lead, so that he can convince a certain customer, for example, then do this too. Because in the end, you will also benefit from this.

4. Lose together

Losing is anything but pleasant, but being able to share a loss with others makes it less painful. There is no point in pointing fingers all the time when things go wrong.

It is best to just work together to find a solution and catch up. The way your team deals with losing largely determines the overall team spirit.

5. Make sacrifices for your team

Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices for your team if it means you can get things done.

Setting aside your own agenda for the common goal can sometimes be necessary. And in a good team, this will not go unnoticed. We bet that this will be appreciated!

Source: Managersonline.nl

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