Know how to choose your event location

- 27/12/2021 -

A location largely determines the appearance of an event and the atmosphere in which the programme is experienced by the guests. When choosing a location, let all factors play a... Read more

Know how to choose your event location

A location largely determines the appearance of an event and the atmosphere in which the programme is experienced by the guests.

When choosing a location, let all factors play a role and keep the objectives of the event in mind.

Below are a number of tips and ideas in the search for the most suitable event location.

Atmosphere and ambience of the location

  • What feeling does the event location convey?
  • Does the location match the objectives of the event in terms of atmosphere and appearance (objective, theme, target group, etc.)?


  • Is the location easily accessible (car, public transport,…)?
  • Are there any road changes (planned)?
  • Should road signs be provided?
  • How congested is the location?
  • Parking
  • Is there sufficient parking space?
  • Is there parking space for artists near the entrance?
  • Is a parking attendant needed?
  • How long is the distance between the venue and the car park? Is a shuttle service required?
  • Is the car park and approach route sufficiently illuminated?
  • If there is public parking in the vicinity, will parking tickets be provided for guests?
  • Is it necessary to reserve parking spaces on the public road?


  • Does the location have sufficient capacity for the number of guests?
  • What is the maximum number of people allowed?
  • Are there several rooms available?

Rule of thumb number of persons per m²:

Meetings and conferences

  • Theatre set-up: 0.5m²/person
  • School set-up: 1,5m²/person
  • Cabaret set-up: 1m²/person
  • Square formation: 0.5m²/person
  • U-shape: 1m²/person


  • Reception: 1m²/person
  • Seated dinner: 1.5 to 2m²/person
  • Party: 1.5m²/person
  • Flexibility
  • What if more/less guests register?
  • Is the location expandable by tents?
  • Does the location have extra rooms (simultaneous translation, break-out sessions, storage space, dressing rooms/lodges, VIP area,…)?
  • Is the hall accessible for the disabled?


  • Is the location equipped audiovisually?
  • Is there a free choice of technical supplier?


  • Is there a stage?
  • Is there space to place a stage?
  • Are there any lounges near the stage?

Dance floor

  • Is the surface suitable as a dance floor?
  • Does a (wooden) dance floor need to be laid?
  • Provide 10% to 20% of the total area as dance floor.


  • What about the acoustics?
  • Do you need an adapted sound system?

Electricity and water

  • Is the total power capacity sufficient?
  • Are there several power groups (catering, technical,…)?
  • Is electricity already present in the necessary places (kitchen, stage,…)?
  • Are there enough power sockets?
  • Is there running water available?


Are there enough toilets available? Rule of thumb for the number of toilets:

  • One toilet per 150 simultaneous visitors and a minimum of 2 toilets.
  • A toilet is reachable within 150m.
  • Do toilet trucks need to be installed?
  • Are there toilet ladies present?
  • What materials are available (cleaning cloths, air freshener, toilet paper,…)?

Air conditioning/heating

  • Is there an air conditioning system?
  • How is it heated?
  • What temperature guarantees?


  • Is there a cloakroom?
  • Does the cloakroom have cloakroom tickets?
  • Is there a cloakroom staff?


  • Is it possible to deliver and remove goods, even during the event without inconveniencing guests?
  • Is there a need for a technical corridor?


  • What are the catering possibilities? Reception, standing, sitting?
  • Is there a sufficiently equipped kitchen available?
  • Any restrictions in the kitchen, e.g. no cooking with gas?
  • Free choice of caterer? If not, buy-out fee?


  • What are the overnight accommodation options near the venue?


  • Is an exclusive hire of the venue possible?
  • Can other events take place at the same time in other rooms?


  • Is it possible to take an option on the location?
  • What are the general hire conditions/cancellation options?

Rental price

  • What is the rental price? Is there a difference between build-up/dismantling days and event days?
  • What exactly is included?
  • Are extra hours charged?
  • What are the payment terms?


  • Does the location comply with safety regulations?
  • Are there enough emergency exits? Are the emergency exits properly marked?
  • Are there fire extinguishers?
  • Is there an evacuation plan?


  • Are there any disturbing elements in the vicinity of the venue (environmental noise, bad neighbourhood, etc.)?
  • Rules on permitted sound volume?
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